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Rosaceae family information including genera, species & flowers that belong to the Rosaceae family.

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Rosaceae Information

Rosaceae is a family in the Rosales Order.
Learn more about the Rosales order.

Rosaceae otherwise known as the rose family contains 91 genera and 4828 species, that include trees, shrubs, and herbs. They can be found throughout the world but most commonly are found in the Northern Hemisphere. The family contains many edible fruits making it economically important. The fruits come in many forms and were once the deciding factor in being part of the family. Although most of the fruits are edible their seeds can be dangerous because they can release cyanide when eaten if the seed is damaged. The flowers in the Rosaceae family are often large and brightly colored having five sepals and petals that are radially symmetrical.

Genera In The Rosaceae Family

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Species In The Rosaceae Family

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Taxonomy : Species
Rosa Banksiae

Flowers In The Rosaceae Family

Lady Banks Rose Information

Lady Banks Rose
Red Rose Information

Red Rose
Yellow Rose Information

Yellow Rose

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