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Hybrids species information including flowers that belong to the Hybrids species.

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Taxonomy Of Hybrids

Hybrids is a species in the Rosa Genus.
Learn more about the Rosa Genus.
Rosa is a genus in the Rosaceae Family.
Learn more about the Rosaceae family.
Rosaceae is a family in the Rosales Order.
Learn more about the Rosales order.

Hybrids Information

Hybrid is not a species, this was added to this site to classify flowers that are not a species but are hybrids. A hybrid plant is a result of cross-pollinating two different plant varieties then growing the seed of the two mixed plants. In many cases, hybrids can not be traced back to the two original species in which they were developed. Learn more about hybridization in plants.

Hybrids Species

Red Rose Information

Red Rose
Yellow Rose Information

Yellow Rose

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