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Rosa genus information including species & flowers that belong to the Rosa genus.

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Taxonomy Of Rosa

Rosa is a genus in the Rosaceae Family.
Learn more about the Rosaceae family.
Rosaceae is a family in the Rosales Order.
Learn more about the Rosales order.

Rosa Information

Rosa is a genus containing perennial flowering plants with over three hundred species and thousands of varieties made available through cultivation. They are climbing shrubs that often have thorns on the stems. The flowers of the plants in the Rosa genus vary in shape and size and are usually large, bright and colorful having an array of colors and a sweet pleasing scent. They are mostly grown for their ornamental uses.

Species In The Rosa Family

Taxonomy : Species
Taxonomy : Species
Rosa Banksiae

Flowers In The Rosa Family

Lady Banks Rose Information

Lady Banks Rose
Red Rose Information

Red Rose
Yellow Rose Information

Yellow Rose

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