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Rosa Banksiae species information including flowers that belong to the Rosa Banksiae species.

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Taxonomy Of Rosa Banksiae

Rosa Banksiae is a species in the Rosa Genus.
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Rosa is a genus in the Rosaceae Family.
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Rosaceae is a family in the Rosales Order.
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Rosa Banksiae Information

The Rosa Banksiae is native to central and western China, developed in Chinese gardens, it has no thorns and has small pale yellow flowers. The flowers have a faint almost non-existent smell. If supported properly it can grow up to 20 feet tall, if not it will spread along the ground. The species was introduced to Europe around 1824 after the botanist Sir Joseph Banks sent William Kerr on an expedition to find plants. The most popular known specimen of the Rosa Banksiae is in Tombstone Arizona where it was planted in 1884 and now covers over 9000 square feet.

Rosa Banksiae Species

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