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Araceae family information including genera, species & flowers that belong to the Araceae family.

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Araceae Information

Araceae is a family in the Alismatales Order.
Learn more about the Alismatales order.
The Araceae Family is made up of mainly small long living free-floating aquatic plants with flowers clustered together on a spike sometimes hidden by a spathe. Also known as aroids the family has around 100 genera and about 3700 species of perennials. The leaves of the plants in this family can get very large and they normally have around 6 stamens (pollen-producing reproductive organ) but can as few as one. The fruit of these plants are berries that are poisonous but if cooked properly can be edible. Missouri Botanical Gardens is home to the largest living collection of Araceae in the world.

Genera In The Araceae Family

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Species In The Araceae Family

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Zantedeschia Aethiopica

Flowers In The Araceae Family

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