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Zantedeschia genus information including species & flowers that belong to the Zantedeschia genus.

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Taxonomy Of Zantedeschia

Zantedeschia is a genus in the Araceae Family.
Learn more about the Araceae family.
Araceae is a family in the Alismatales Order.
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Zantedeschia Information

Zantedeschia is a genus of 8 species commonly grown as ornamental plants because of their colorful flower and leaves. They have roots that emerge from the top of the tubers in groups and stems that are very thick at the base but not usually seen due to being underwater. The leaves are different links but usually long and spongy, dark in color and have a variety of shapes. Zantedeschia is regularly found in South Africa growing naturally in marshy wetland areas. As long as they have water available they will continue growing and spreading and can become a nuisance. The genus is now widely naturalized in many places across the globe and is a real problem in Western Australia. In North America, they are primarily grown in home gardens.

Species In The Zantedeschia Family

Taxonomy : Species
Zantedeschia Aethiopica

Flowers In The Zantedeschia Family

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