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Liliaceae family information including genera, species & flowers that belong to the Liliaceae family.

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Liliaceae Information

Liliaceae is a family in the Liliales Order.
Learn more about the Liliales order.
The Liliaceae family is characterized as flowering plants in which the stem grows by deposits on it's inside. The flowers reside along the stem, coming out from the base, or as one flower at the very top of the stem, or as a group of flowers. Most flowers are large and varied in color and bright. Petals are striped and make nectar at their bases. The fruit is spread by wind, except in the case of the Medeoleae in which a berry is spread by animals. The leaves are simple and elongated, arranged singly and alternating on the stem, but may form a growth resembling a rose at the base of the stem.

Genera In The Liliaceae Family

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Species In The Liliaceae Family

Taxonomy : Species
Tulipa Clusiana
Taxonomy : Species
Tulipa Gesneriana

Flowers In The Liliaceae Family

Garden Tulip Information

Garden Tulip
Lady Tulip Information

Lady Tulip

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