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Tulipa Gesneriana

Tulipa Gesneriana species information including flowers that belong to the Tulipa Gesneriana species.

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Tulipa Gesneriana
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Taxonomy Of Tulipa Gesneriana

Tulipa Gesneriana is a species in the Tulipa Genus.
Learn more about the Tulipa Genus.
Tulipa is a genus in the Liliaceae Family.
Learn more about the Liliaceae family.
Liliaceae is a family in the Liliales Order.
Learn more about the Liliales order.

Tulipa Gesneriana Information

Tulipa Gesneriana is a species cultivated for its ornamental popularity. In the 17th century in Holland, they were so popular and sold so fast it made them rare and so expensive they were being used as currency until the market crashed. Most of the tulips you see in flower arrangements are a hybrid of this species. The flower petals of the Tulipa Gesneriana come in many colors including blue, purple, orange, pink, red and yellow. The flowers are showy and fragrant, they bloom in the spring. They can be grown in containers that have good drainage.

Tulipa Gesneriana Species

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