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Alstroemeriaceae family information including genera, species & flowers that belong to the Alstroemeriaceae family.

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Alstroemeriaceae Information

Alstroemeriaceae is a family in the Liliales Order.
Learn more about the Liliales order.
The Alstroemeriaceae family is made up of flowering plants. There are 254 known species most being native to the Americas spread across North & South America. There are a few species found in New Zealand and Australia. The most popular genus of the Alstroemeriaceae family being Alstroemeria otherwise known as Peruvian lilies are commonly found in florists and flower shops around the globe.

Genera In The Alstroemeriaceae Family

Taxonomy : Genus

Species In The Alstroemeriaceae Family

Taxonomy : Species
Alstroemeria Pelegrina

Flowers In The Alstroemeriaceae Family

Peruvian Lily Information

Peruvian Lily

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