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Alstroemeria genus information including species & flowers that belong to the Alstroemeria genus.

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Taxonomy Of Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria is a genus in the Alstroemeriaceae Family.
Learn more about the Alstroemeriaceae family.
Alstroemeriaceae is a family in the Liliales Order.
Learn more about the Liliales order.

Alstroemeria Information

The Alstroemeria genus has around 50 species of flowering plants. Alstroemeria grows up to 50cm (20”) and grows best in tropical sunny, moist environments. Native to Chile in South America they have been naturalized in many places around the world due to the popularity of the Peruvian lily or lily of the Incas. Many Alstroemeria hybrids have been developed creating a diverse range of markings and colors. Most of the hybrids found today came from a cross between the Chile winter growing species and the Brazil summer growing species which resulted in hybrids that would grow year-round.

Species In The Alstroemeria Family

Taxonomy : Species
Alstroemeria Pelegrina

Flowers In The Alstroemeria Family

Peruvian Lily Information

Peruvian Lily

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