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Meaning Of The Red Rose

Meaning Of The Red Rose

Learn The Meaning, Symbolism and History of the Red Rose.

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Meaning Of The Red Rose

Red Rose Meaning

The meaning of red roses can vary depending on the shade of red and the number of roses given. One single typical bright red rose means love, passionate love or feelings of deep passion. Two or more red roses mean true never-ending love and devotion. A rose of a darker shade of red means passion that has yet to be revealed.
No matter the different variants the meaning of red roses are all about passion, romance, and desire.

Symbolism And History Of The Red Rose

The meaning and symbolism of red roses date back to ancient Greece. The red rose was a symbol of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. A Greek writer who lived in the time of Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, somewhere in the time frame of 101-200 AD told of a story about Adonis (Aphrodite's lover) that claims the rose is red because Aphrodite was pricked on the ankle by a thorn and her blood stained the flower.

 Later Aphrodite had a son Eros (Cupid) who loved roses. While leaning in to smell one of his beloved roses he was stung by a bee. Aphrodite seeing her son in pain gave him magical arrows which he began frantically firing at the rose bushes where the bee that stung him had been. In his fury, he missed all his attempts to hit his target leaving thorns on the roses where his arrows passed by.   

In Christianity, the rose is linked to the Virgin Mary which is how the rosary came to be.  

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